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Vapor Phase Reflow and Rework Systems

  • RD52 Inline Vapor Phase Reflow Oven

    Model RD52 Inline System

    • Need it to go faster? Inline vapor phase reflow the way it should be.
    • Left to right product flow
    • 450mm x 380 mm working envelope
    • 4 zone clamshell preheat section
    • SMEMA communications
    • Password protection
    • Unsurpassed reflow profile control
    • Perfect for high volume automated inline vapor phase processing
  • RD1 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD1 Batch System

    • Big performance in a small package
    • 305mm x 255mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Does everything its big brothers do in a smaller footprint and price range.
  • RD2 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD2 Batch System

    • Our biggest seller, great for virtually all vapor phase reflow applications
    • 460mm x 380mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Perfect for medium sized product and volume requirements
  • Model RD3 Batch System

    • The biggest baddest vapor phase on the planet
    • 625mm x 625mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Dual speed clamshell cooling
    • 10” OIT with password protection and 250 recipes
    • Much more
    • The RD3 was designed around our big board customer’s needs in the field.
  • desc

    V-Works 24 Vapor Phase Rework System

    • First and only single component vapor phase rework system in the world
    • Unsurpassed uniformity
    • Global bottom side preheat
    • 50 mm x 550 mm working envelope
    • Vision / Placement
    • Recipe storage
    • Makes the hard rework jobs easy
  • Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    • Great for mechanical attachment
    • High volume continuous production
    • Left to right flow
    • 200 mm belt width
    • Optional sizes available

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

When we started R&D VaporTech we wanted to create a different environment for our customers. Yes we wanted to build a successful company but we also wanted to create an accessible one. A company where our customers could contact us and be assured of getting technically knowledgeable, helpful and timely customer service in person. We don't believe in automated customer service and we don't believe a customer should have to pay when they call us looking for technical or process advice. Our customers should be able to call us on the phone and get immediate help from a live person. A person, who has been technically trained and is well versed in the vapor phase process and operation of our equipment. When you contact R&D VaporTech that's exactly what you'll get.

Since 1996 we have built our reputation on this simple premiss, be the leaders in vapor phase innovation, build the highest quality, highest value vapor phase equipment in the world and follow it up with unsurpassed customer service. Some of the highest quality manufacturers in the world have trusted us with their processes and have come to learn first hand the scope and breadth of our vapor phase knowledge and the quality and value of our vapor phase equipment.

Come join them and see for yourself why they sing our praises and why word of mouth is our biggest sales tool.


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