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Vapor Phase Reflow and Rework Systems

  • RD52 Inline Vapor Phase Reflow Oven

    Model RD52 Inline System

    • Need it to go faster? Inline vapor phase reflow the way it should be.
    • Left to right product flow
    • 450mm x 380 mm working envelope
    • 4 zone clamshell preheat section
    • SMEMA communications
    • Password protection
    • Unsurpassed reflow profile control
    • Perfect for high volume automated inline vapor phase processing
  • RD1 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD1 Batch System

    • Big performance in a small package
    • 305mm x 255mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Does everything its big brothers do in a smaller footprint and price range.
  • RD2 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD2 Batch System

    • Our biggest seller, great for virtually all vapor phase reflow applications
    • 460mm x 380mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Perfect for medium sized product and volume requirements
  • Model RD3 Batch System

    • The biggest baddest vapor phase on the planet
    • 625mm x 625mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Dual speed clamshell cooling
    • 10” OIT with password protection and 250 recipes
    • Much more
    • The RD3 was designed around our big board customer’s needs in the field.
  • desc

    V-Works 24 Vapor Phase Rework System

    • First and only single component vapor phase rework system in the world
    • Unsurpassed uniformity
    • Global bottom side preheat
    • 50 mm x 550 mm working envelope
    • Vision / Placement
    • Recipe storage
    • Makes the hard rework jobs easy
  • Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    • Great for mechanical attachment
    • High volume continuous production
    • Left to right flow
    • 200 mm belt width
    • Optional sizes available

R&D VaporTech

R&D VaporTech was formed in 1996 to support the Vapor Phase Reflow market and is currently the leading innovator of Vapor Phase Reflow Ovens. In 2008, R&D VaporTech created the world’s first and only Single Component Vapor Phase Rework System.

Vapor Phase Systems From R&D VaporTech are being used everyday in a wide variety of markets such as: SMT Solder Reflow, Lead Free Soldering, Curing, Drying, Mechanical Attachment, Plastic Package Testing, and Single Component Rework Systems.

Vapor Phase from R&D VaporTech is the leader in Safe, Repeatable, Heat Transfer with advantages such as:

  • Uniform Temperatures
  • Fast Even Heat Transfer Regardless of Product Size or Mass
  • Minimum Liquidus Times
  • Absolute Limits to Maximum Temperatures
  • Low Oxygen Environment
  • Highly Repeatable
  • Easy To Use
  • Short Setup Time

Standard Design Features Of R&D Machines Are As Follows:

  • Programmable Logic Controls for more flexibility in operating systems.
  • Touch Screen Displays for ease of operation.
  • Convected Preheat Zone for thermal curve modification and reflow process enhancement.
  • Working Fluid Auxiliary Tanks and Filter Systems facilitate routine maintenance and working fluid filtration.
  • Onboard Controls and Alarm Functions monitor all critical areas within the ovens.
  • Inline and Batch Type models available

Optional Features Include:

  • Limitless Oven Size and Working Envelope Variations
  • Convected and Nitrogen Ready Preheat Sections
  • Belted Conveyor Systems
  • Specialized Control Systems
  • Precise Mixing of Two Different Temperature Fluids to Create a Third Boiling Point Fluid.

R&D VaporTech takes the time to completely test each piece of equipment before shipment. R&D uses nothing but the highest quality materials. From our leading edge design to our exacting standards, the quality of these units is apparent throughout.

Contact R&D VaporTech today and let us show you how easily we can solve your reflow problems when using a Vapor Phase Reflow Oven or Rework Station from R&D VaporTech


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