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Vapor Phase Reflow and Rework Systems

  • RD52 Inline Vapor Phase Reflow Oven

    Model RD52 Inline System

    • Need it to go faster? Inline vapor phase reflow the way it should be.
    • Left to right product flow
    • 450mm x 380 mm working envelope
    • 4 zone clamshell preheat section
    • SMEMA communications
    • Password protection
    • Unsurpassed reflow profile control
    • Perfect for high volume automated inline vapor phase processing
  • RD1 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD1 Batch System

    • Big performance in a small package
    • 305mm x 255mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Does everything its big brothers do in a smaller footprint and price range.
  • RD2 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD2 Batch System

    • Our biggest seller, great for virtually all vapor phase reflow applications
    • 460mm x 380mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Perfect for medium sized product and volume requirements
  • Model RD3 Batch System

    • The biggest baddest vapor phase on the planet
    • 625mm x 625mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Dual speed clamshell cooling
    • 10” OIT with password protection and 250 recipes
    • Much more
    • The RD3 was designed around our big board customer’s needs in the field.
  • desc

    V-Works 24 Vapor Phase Rework System

    • First and only single component vapor phase rework system in the world
    • Unsurpassed uniformity
    • Global bottom side preheat
    • 50 mm x 550 mm working envelope
    • Vision / Placement
    • Recipe storage
    • Makes the hard rework jobs easy
  • Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    • Great for mechanical attachment
    • High volume continuous production
    • Left to right flow
    • 200 mm belt width
    • Optional sizes available

Model RD1 Vapor Phase Reflow System


R&D VaporTech offers a full line of Single Vapor Batch Type Reflow Systems. The RD1 provides consistent, uniform and reliable heat transfer for high quality reflow, curing and drying.

The RD1 utilizes Programmable Logic Controls coupled with a Touch Screen Display to deliver user friendly operation and programming. The system uses a single fluid to generate precise temperature in the reflow chamber. The RD1 also integrates a Convected Preheat Zone for precise preheat profiles and proper solder paste conditioning prior to reflow. These features allow the user to create the ideal thermal curve for their specific process. With standard features such as: fluid filtration, auxiliary fluid holding tank and on-board recipe storage, the RD1 is a complete vapor phase system in a smaller product working envelope.


The RD1 was designed to accommodate low to mid volume production for smaller sized products. This unit allows any company, regardless of size, to produce products of the highest quality.


  • The RD1 has a working envelope of 12"L x 10"W x 2.25"H using a version of our patented palletized conveyor system which keeps the product horizontal throughout the process.
  • The Programmable Logic Control system monitors and controls all critical parameters for
    safe and efficient operation.
  • The Touch Screen Display allows the user easy access to all operational functions and
    operating programs.
  • Convected Preheat and Vapor Preheat Function provide limitless thermal curve modification and solder paste conditioning prior to reflow.
  • Working Fluid Auxiliary Tank and Filter System facilitate routine maintenance and working
    fluid filtration.
  • Programmable Timed Cooldown cools the product post reflow.

Model RD1 Batch Type Vapor Phase Reflow Oven from R&D Technical Services / Vapor Works


  • Working Envelope: 10” (250 mm) x 12” (300 mm)
  • Product Clearance Height: 2.25 (55 mm)
  • Unit Size: 71 long x 33 wide x 48 high
  • Power Required: 208 VAC, 3 Phase, 40 Amps, 60 Hz - Standard
  • 380 VAC, 3 Phase, 1 Neutral, 40 Amps. 50 HZ - Optional at No charge
  • Main heater: 7.5 KW
  • Preheat: 3 KW
  • Operating Temperature: 200 °C to 320 °C depending on fluid used
  • Water Requirements: 3-4 GPM supplied, 25 °C - 40 °C
  • Inert Fluid Capacity: 2 gallons

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