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Vapor Phase Reflow and Rework Systems

  • RD52 Inline Vapor Phase Reflow Oven

    Model RD52 Inline System

    • Need it to go faster? Inline vapor phase reflow the way it should be.
    • Left to right product flow
    • 450mm x 380 mm working envelope
    • 4 zone clamshell preheat section
    • SMEMA communications
    • Password protection
    • Unsurpassed reflow profile control
    • Perfect for high volume automated inline vapor phase processing
  • RD1 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD1 Batch System

    • Big performance in a small package
    • 305mm x 255mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Does everything its big brothers do in a smaller footprint and price range.
  • RD2 Vapor Phase Reflow System

    Model RD2 Batch System

    • Our biggest seller, great for virtually all vapor phase reflow applications
    • 460mm x 380mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Vapor preheat function
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Working fluid auxiliary storage
    • Process recipe storage
    • All Standard
    • Perfect for medium sized product and volume requirements
  • Model RD3 Batch System

    • The biggest baddest vapor phase on the planet
    • 625mm x 625mm working envelope
    • Convected preheat zone
    • Working fluid filtration
    • Dual speed clamshell cooling
    • 10” OIT with password protection and 250 recipes
    • Much more
    • The RD3 was designed around our big board customer’s needs in the field.
  • desc

    V-Works 24 Vapor Phase Rework System

    • First and only single component vapor phase rework system in the world
    • Unsurpassed uniformity
    • Global bottom side preheat
    • 50 mm x 550 mm working envelope
    • Vision / Placement
    • Recipe storage
    • Makes the hard rework jobs easy
  • Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    Model RD10 Belted Inline System

    • Great for mechanical attachment
    • High volume continuous production
    • Left to right flow
    • 200 mm belt width
    • Optional sizes available

What our customers are saying about us:

"My dealings with R&D VaporTech over 5 years ago. We inherited a (then) 15 year old vapor phase from an alternate Celestica site. The machine was not operational. R&D was instrumental in the machines revival. Their technical advice combined with the sourcing of obsolete parts permitted us to utilize the machine in production for a number of years.

When it came time to purchase a new machine, the appropriate R&D machine offered superior preheating, board size, conveyor (weight) capacity, board cooling and process fluid reclamation as compared to the other vendors we evaluated.

At this point, we have two RD3 ovens. Each is configured with convection preheat style preheating, 24" x 24" board size capability, 35+ lbs. conveyor capacity, upper and lower (2 speed) cooling fans and a fluid reclamation system. The two aforementioned machines have resided within the Toronto plant for over two years. They have been run in a 24 x 7 production environment and have done so without incident. The machines are treated to quarterly preventative maintenance (8 hours). To date, we have not encountered any deficiencies with respect to machine performance.

Note that we also own an R&D V-Works Rework System. This unit utilizes a vapor phase process  in order to remove and reflow individual components. A unique piece of engineering that allows us to offer rework capability that other contract manufacturers cannot match. This machine has been in our plant for approximately 1.5 years. It, like the RD3 ovens has performed very well.

R&D VaporTech equipment and staff have earned my respect. Absolutely no complaints regarding the equipment and its associated performance. R&D staff are technically astute and well versed in matters related to both process and equipment. I highly recommend the company."

Gary Dick
Process Engineer


"As a user of Vapor Phase Reflow Systems  for over three decades, I've found R&D VaporTech provides the best solutions and support. They have a full comprehension of the user's needs and their systems are designed with this in mind."

Michael Clawson
Principal Operations Engineer
SEAKR Engineering, Inc.


"R&D VaporTech has provided us with exceptional quality custom design ovens for the testing of medical components. All of them are very temperature stable and problem free."

Dan Erklouts
Senior Principal Design Technician


"We recently purchased a new model RD2 Vapor Phase Oven. I am pleased with the capabilities of the new system. We have had great success with Vapor Phase ovens from R&D Technical Services. We currently have two R&D units. One is 12 years old and still in service. It has been problem free for all 12 years. When it came time to replace our oldest RD2, we chose to come back to R&D Technical Services.

I am very pleased with our new RD2 oven, it was easy to set up and get running. The servicing of the machine is simple and I like that it can save 250 reflow profiles. We see a lot of "new" and very different designs and the RD2 is a perfect fit for the Space Dynamics Lab"

Brett Larsen
Electronics Assembly Manager
Space Dynamics Lab


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